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Franco Adami

“A leading sculptor. He likes to take on subject matter…”


Born in Pisa in 1933. Studied at the Léonardo da Vinci Institute in Pisa, Italy The School of Arts in Cascina, and at the School of Fine Arts in Florence.

He arrived in Paris in 1959 where he became the sculpture Collamarini. He also met Ossip Zadkine who passed on visions of sculpture. His great technical mastery and energetic nature allows Franco Adami to work untiringly his forms of half-human, half-animal, and figures of both a sphinx and robot look. In the work of Admi we recognize a mix of civilisations yet without neglecting his refind sense of form that is somewhat mechanical or even spatial and makes us think of Star Wars or a bridge between the past and the future. Other than bronze in different patinas his materials include Carrara marble, black marble from Belgium, green marble from the Alps, onyx from Pakistan, porphyry… With a constant reference to the human condition, Franco Adami today is undeniably part of the artist world landscape. His very personal work can go from intimist sculpture to monumental sculpture. Franco Adami lives and works in both Paris and Pietrasanta in Tuscony.“I love the lines of force in the helmets and on the characters’ heads. They are thought waves…With eyes so distinctive that allow no distraction and are focused on the faraway ultimate goal, these thought waves express man’s mission to go beyond himself, in search of the invisible and the unspoken.” Patrice de la Perrière


More eighty different intimist sculptures are available, and also fifteen monumental sculptures. You can contact us to present you these sculptures.

You can see photos of sculptures and recent exhibitions of monumental sculptures in the french version.