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Gina Pellon

“…to give full liberty to his fascination of faces"


Born in Cuba in 1926. Graduated from the Academy of San Alejandro in 1954. Taught at the Institut Polytechnique of Velado until 1957.

Her artistic career began in 1953 with an exhibition in a salon sponsored by the “Cercle des Beaux-Arts”, a fine arts circle open to avant-gardism where academicians and well-known painters come together. Gina Pellon immediately took a innovative direction. In 1959, she decided to come to France. Her career in Europe was prolific with numerous exhibitions in Paris, Lausanne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Toulouse, Silkebour (Denmark), and in Larvik (Norway). Other cities where she showed her work include, among others, Miami, New York, and Caracas. She attended a long list of salons where she received numerous awards. Gina Pellón is an internationally renowned artist as well as a prominent figure among the exiled Latin-Americans. Her palette is one of a brilliant range of colors. As a true colourists with a frenzied energy, she creates the form by the color. In this one recognizes an expressionist influence. “Gina Pellón appears to give full freedom to the fascination of faces and to their most characteristic features; even if the body and it’s face may be fragmented and rebuilt in terms of color, the identical features betray an extreme obsession of feminine presence…Her automatic and fluid approach to painting began with her frequenting the Parisian surrealists who she met in 1959. With her energetic and uninhibited fondness for figurative art, bright colors and spontaneous and free strokes characterize the features cultivated by the COBRA artists…The inspiration of their exuberant and imaginative work lives in the paintings of Gina Pellón. It’s no wonder that she was included in this group of friends and collectors.” M.C Goinard

Lolita 5 (33x24cm)

Lolita 3 (33x24cm)

Lolita 7 (33x24cm)

Lolita 8 (33x24cm)

Lolita 9 (33x24cm)

Lolita 10 (33x24cm)

Portrait aux yeux verts I (73x54cm)

Portrait aux yeux verts II (73x54cm)

Sans titre (92x73cm)